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Do you want to know the difference between those Dj’s that feel ‘it’ and those who wouldn’t know what ‘it’ was even if it came around their house and ran off with their girlfriends ? It’s to do with baselines. Listen to the myriad of crap house records and it’s like sitting on a particularly bad fairground ride. These baselines shouldn’t just sit on the beat, but ride and slide off it. It's what gives movement and funk to music ….. and better still its what makes girls wiggle their hips. And lets not forget the carnal desires that go on during any typical night spent on a dance floor – the music is just an excuse !!! The house bug bit Sash K at the age of 18 and at the time when the dance scene was all but existent in Delhi. After a period of sneaking into all the parties and venues were he could listen to ‘dance’ music a very underage Sash K soon find himself collecting the very cd’s he had been dancing to that weekend. Although of this time it should be noted he had no cd players with which to play the music on. I’m not making a point to embarrass Sash K, but rather illustrate that this enthusiasm and passion towards the scene was testament to his young character then and even more so now! Having bought his helloed cd players, Sash K then turned his attention to honing his craft. Spending every moment he could afford delving through the many cd players he had already amassed and individually piecing them together to create one sonic sound space. It didn’t take long before his effort got noticed. Through playing various small one parties and networking with the right people Sash k landed with his effort with the first company which used to do cooperate and public events. This company was really the period were Sash K cut his in the art of Djing. Learning to control the crowd musically, programme a set and create a musical journey. Here he realised how he could manipulate the mood of a room and take the crowd were he wanted and how he wanted. He began to understand the art of Djing. Unfortunately due to some corporate gigs out-stationed with some other company the relation with the first company lasted one year only as he was working as a Free Lancer. But by this time Sash K was already guested at some of the festivals, nights and indeed illegal parting that were springing up all over Delhi and NCR. During this period Sash K also got involved in promoting his own nights around the capital. For these nights he’d alternate between warming up for the local and international guest DJ’s and Artists like DJ Saaz (UK), Anamika, Shanker Shahney, Kailash Kher, Daler Mehendi are few of these and playing for as long as he could by himself circa from 2003 onwards. Around the period of 2005/06 the scene in Delhi echoed that of the other metropolitan cites and become saturated with house and trance music. The only problem with this was although house and trance was considered to be the main-stream dance music, as such it became the commercial property, and appeared in everything from the chart to TV adverts. Frustrated by this Sash K was unprepared to jump on the bandwagon that so many jocks at the time did and true to his love the darker and less obvious side of dance music. For the next year Sash K took his music back underground and re-evolved with it. While the main dance floor all over the world were going off to the current house and trance explosion, Sash K kept it dark, pumping and progressive at select parties up and down the country. Fast Forward another two years to 2007 and trance and house has suddenly became a bad name. The more learnings and darker, edgier sound of house are back in vogue. Sash K sound had now evolved to such an extent that he was melding tribal and progressive number together in such a way that one of his set could be bizarrely regarded as being similar to trance or house tracks, with ups and down, peaks and troughs, but ranging over a time period of three to four hours and not six minutes like the average trance track. The dawn of this new musical era allowed Sash K to present his take on it on a completely new platform, ‘Silk – Cuisine From the Great Orient’ at the Chinese restobar in Pristine Mall. The exposed interior wooden work and the dark looming archways provided the perfect backdrop for his new sound. The art décor, lighting and sound system and music policy however was entirely Sash K’s. It was all his own vibe. Doing only the guest night in Silk still Sash K was the only DJ that was called over there. Side by side Sash K got a chance when one day his trainer got suffered from high fever and offered his corporate gig to Sash K because of which till now the event company calls Sash K for every cooperate gig that was doing the event. In 2007 house is not as segmented as it once was. Progressive Dj’s just don’t play progressive house, house heads don’t just stick to house. It’s all about one groove again. Ask Sash K was in his cd folder today and he will name you labels from UK, Germany, Carribean, Latino to the America’s. Musically I can now play several different genres under a progressive banner, trance and tech house tracks, even some techno can be trown in some good measures – there are no rules just a groove ! Between 2008 – 2012 phase of EDM (Electronic Dance Music including house and progressive) started which was taking much more part of the durations of the Dj’s performances. Same was the case with Sash K as during these years EDM covered more than half of the percent of the music played by him during his performance. Sash K during these years covered various renowned clubs like Club – 18, Zebaa, Addiction, Velocity, Klub 7, Barcode, Second Sin, Back to Basics (Jaipur) are few names. Corporate events are also played big role during these years as Sash K featured various national and international artist like Honey Singh, Alfaaz, J Star, Atif Aslam, DJ Tristian (Iceland), DJ Nyk, Sukhbir, Ayushmann Khurana, Hans Raj Hans are few of them. During late 2009 onwards Sash K looked Djing as much more vast field. After doing few months research Sash K came out with a new look and started with VDJ as new “Avtaar” of djing. Using VDJ in events gave much more response than it was expected. During 2010 – 2011 season 90 percent events covered VDJing performances than Djing performances of Sash K. One of the plus point of VDJing responsed so quickly as crowd dance similarly as was being choreographed in the video so it made people start learning dance steps very easily. Combination of Djing, VDJing, Dhol and Percussionist gave the birth to a new concept which was widely requested by clients doing private parties or whether it was a corporate event. This combination continued till the earlier part of 2014 and the mid of the year where the arrival of new Dj’s as remixer or producer were coming out. Promotional websites like Djmaza, Zippyshare, are to be named as few which where helping out new talent showcasing their creativity were coming up with their remixes. During the early 2015 this concept of making the name Sash K starting finding out the right institute to get the learning process going with the production scene came up with the international school named “Point Blank”. Sash K enrolled himself by clearing the entrance by submitting his creativity of music to the school which allowed Sash K to get himself admitted to the school. Sash K learned the production through online course for 3 months. All Sash K was now looking forward to make a name in the international market with his music production where in December 2015 his first release as a DJ Mix came out of various digital platform came out under Eclectic Music. His first single released on “Matrix Music Records” named “Kloud Spark” after that Sash K started to believe himself and took the path to move towards making more and more music so as to mark himself not only a Dj but as a music producer as well. Now it has been nearly 5 years completed with the production thing and Sash K is coming out with his remixes and singles on most of the digital platform available not only with the audio but also with video as well and being well supported by the not only by the listeners but also by the renowned names from the edm industry like Alesso, Axwell, Ingrosso, Thomas Gold, Steve Aoki and Afrojack to name a few. The Music Galaxy Radio (88.2 Fm) from Brombley, Kent, London also offered him a slot for Djing after hearing his music for 2 hours every Monday night to spin live so that people worldwide in nearly 168 countries can have a blast from the best of EDM music. This also helped Dj Sash K to grow his fan following from not only the music he was producing but also from the live set he was spinning for the radio station which was been streaming live for 2 hours in more 150+ countries. But now like others Sash K has been experimenting over the last few years on his own tracks in the studio. Production is becoming more and more of a requirement these days to stay ahead of the pack. At the Rebirth night Sash K has already been seen positive results from road testing some of his production on as unsuspecting crowd. After the early original tracks released in the 2016 and 2017 currently Dj Sash K bags around 7 remix albums with a series called “Elektra Vibrations and also coming with the Elektra Vibrations Podcast. The series of original tracks have also been started where both melody based tracks and collaborations with singers from the edm industries are also joining hand with Dj Sash K and releasing edm music together. The scene has totally changed in last 4 years as Now Dj Sash K workflow has increased as compared to the previous years and also has been now renowned as the well know artist in pan india taking his djing skills and art to the next level and also with his music hitting the charts as well. As of now he has released with 11 remix albums under "Elektra Vibrations Remix Album Series" and Vol 12 is under process as well as he has recently started the radio podcast series as well under the names "Elektra Vibrations Radio Podcast With Dj Sash K" and " Beyond Imagination Commercial Podcast. Dj Sash K also been ranked 5th by one of the renowned magazines of the states and also being under nominations as well for the Dj Of The Year For North Zone by EEMA. Any getting back to my point I was making at the start – the music is just an excuse – isn’t it? ….. is it fuck !!!

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