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Psy-Trance from Magdeburg


1 Life (Original Mix) by Normalize
2 Book Of Principles by Alurian
3 Fearless Mind (Synthetic System Remix) by Lyktum
4 Spiritual Service (Original Mix) by Osher
5 This Moment (Original Mix) by Backspace
6 When We Speak of Vibration by Darkland
7 Awakening Soul (Original Mix) by Zatzak
8 Laughing Tendencies (Original Mix) by Zatzak
9 Personal View (Original Mix) by Out of Range
10 Madlands (Original Mix) by Rave Nine
11 Acid Story's (Original Mix) by Shock Therapy
12 Tataki by Pondora
13 Kerstin Heart (Original Mix) by Out of Range
14 Onawa (Original Mix) by Mercuroid
15 Fractal Universe (Original Mix) by Noctum & Reach Moment
16 Divination Pt. 2 by Rexalted
17 Cybernetic Bass by ATOM
18 Valhalla (Original mix) by Inviktor
19 Taka Taka (Original Mix) by Menog
20 Mov Om Shiva by Geko & E
21 Psychedelic Renaissance (Original Mix) by Spectra Sonics
22 Mahadeva (Faders Remix) by Astral Projection
23 Extrange Reality by Magic Vision
24 Endless Smile (lmt & Avan Remix) by Altruism
25 Keep It Psychedelic by Artmind
26 The Choice (Original Mix) by Mercuroid & MoRsei
27 Human Conception (Original Mix) by A-Tech & EMov
28 Waves of Emotion (Original Mix) by Relativ & MoRsei
29 Digital Drops by X-side & Reborn
30 Sacred Reality (Original Mix) by Mahaya
31 Let Me Take It (Original Mix) by Alex
32 Play of Lero Lero (Spectra Sonics Remix) by Majide
33 Hypnosis (Original Mix) by Santosha Live & Montech
34 Cosmic Sound Of Music by Flow Theory & Triex
35 Space Mission (Original Mix) by Santosha Live & Montech
36 The First Journey by Nax
37 Chemical Experience by Nax
38 Ovni by Akasha
39 Spirit Temple by Wolfboy
40 Blast Of Energy by Sharmatix
41 Ziohm by FNX & Twelve Sessions
42 Gates Of Reality by Fibonaccid's
43 Doppelganger by Neuroq


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