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Psy-Trance from Magdeburg


1 Pisces (Original Mix) by Doppler & Lydia
2 Marijuana by Miirage & SunskriT
3 Introspect by Inner Zen & Fikus
4 Everything Is Connected (Original Mix) by Eliyahu
5 The Healing (Original Mix) by Transpose
6 Kanantaba (Original Mix) by One Function & Polygrams
7 Metamorphosis by Invisible Reality
8 Phisical Reality by Symfreq & Doctor Punk
9 New Frequency by Contrapunctus & Renbow
10 The Nest by Contrapunctus
11 Fears into Light (Original Mix) by Hyde & Ital
12 Are You Alive by Avalon & Mad Maxx
13 Changes (Original Mix) by Max Grillo & Penna
14 The Dreamcatcher by Soundragon
15 Mind Reaction (Original Mix) by Mahaya & Alternate Side
16 Moon Rider (Original Mix) by Reborn
17 Knowledge Of Time (Reborn Remix) by Out Of Range
18 Dream (Original Mix) by Burn In Noise & Shivatree
19 The 4th Dimension (Original Mix) by Hipoxya & Alien Dragons
20 Kaleidoscope by Soundragon
21 Mahal (Original Mix) by Mahaya
22 Power Core by Soundragon
23 Mysteria (Original Mix) by Ovnimoon & Aurawave
24 Cyber War (Original Mix) by Makida & Zetno
25 Elixiris (Original Mix) by Less Is More & Chacruna
26 Space Reality by X-side
27 Utopia by Chronosphere
28 Aries Moon (Original Mix) by Alien Devices
29 Shambava (Afterli3 Remix) by Doubkore & Mahaya
30 Mercury (Original Mix) by Electric Universe & Chico
31 Albert Rhesus by Ashtar Command
32 Life Beyond by Ashtar Command
33 Checkpoint (Original Mix) by Ephemeris
34 Mush Rooms by Brain Damage & Overclock
35 Gayatri by Dharma Ohm & Tuneless
36 It’s my S%%!#@ (Original Mix) by Aktyum
37 Shrooooms by M-Theory & Nukleall
38 Mental Distance by Tristan, Regan Nano & 8ternal Beings
39 Mude by Kenopsalyum & Mind Fusion
40 Dance Temple (Original mix) by Dixie
41 Uma Love by Squazoid


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