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Psy-Trance from Magdeburg


1 Animal (Original Mix) by Zyce & Flegma
2 Amoeba (Original Mix) by Radical Freedom
3 The Revelation by Mind Sense & Serenity Flux
4 Geometric (Original Mix) by Altered State
5 Field Trip by Serenity Flux & Drukverdeler & DJ Bim
6 Dusk Till Dawn (Original Mix) by Avalon & Stryker
7 Beyond Influence (Original Mix) by Sonic Species
8 Energy Faith Devotion (Original Mix) by Zaid Osta
9 Cosmic Dust (Original Mix) by Expedition
10 Prediction (Original Mix) by Reborn
11 Hypernova (Original Mix) by Disconect
12 Visual Sphere (Original Mix) by Neutro
13 Another Dimensions (Original Mix) by Britti & Improvement
14 Aurea (Original Mix) by Neutro
15 Profound Mystery (Original Mix) by Asintyah
16 One Place (Original Mix) by Second Life
17 Avatar by Interium
18 High Hopes (Starlab Remix) by Symbolic, Outsiders & Starlab
19 Cosmic Spirit (Original Mix) by Main Ape
20 Orange Sunshine (Original Mix) by Hypnocoustics
21 Strictly Virtual (Morsei & VSociety Remix) by Sonic Species
22 They Walk Among Us (Original Mix) by Atacama
23 Black Lotus (Original Mix) by Main Ape & MoRsei
24 Panthers by Relativ & Makida
25 Awake the Snake (Volcano on Mars Remix) by Astrix & Tristan
26 Oficial The Journey by Cosmic Wolf
27 Twisted Perspective by Parasynthax
28 Play of Lero Lero ( Edit) by Majide
29 Divine Perception (Original Mix) by Inner Lux
30 Vega Lyrian (Original mix) by Hypnoise
31 Endless Spiral (West Galaxy Remix) by Transient Disorder
32 The Great Awakening (Spectra Sonics Remix) by Starlab & Spinal Fusion & Kamya
33 Shiva Drum by El Mahico
34 Infinite Life by Vertikka
35 Emission Lines (Original Mix) by Fiction & Cylon
36 Thörä Stära (Remix) by D_Maniac
37 Parvati by Eternal Wonder
38 Eletronic Spirit by Sativax
39 Can You Hear That (Original Mix) by Technical Intelligence
40 Expansion by Sativax
41 Mystical Experience by Sativax
42 Pearls (Original Mix) by Cosmic Vibration
43 Shanti Shantaia by Panda On The Bamboo Tree


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