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Psy-Trance from Magdeburg


1 Transcend (Original Mix) by One Function
2 Now, Sleep ! by Out of Jetlag
3 The Sands of Time (Original Mix) by Ascent & Lydia
4 Ego Death by Atmaom
5 Shri Kali (Slix Remix) by DoubKore
6 Scopophobyc by Montsho & Ullien
7 Divinorum (Original Mix) by Bellatrix
8 In Your Brain (Original mix) by Liquid Soul & Silent Sphere
9 Going Back (GMS & Poli Remix) by Ace Ventura
10 Spiritual Dimension (Original Mix) by Alien Dragons
11 Circle Forms (Original Mix) by Spectro Senses
12 Mali (Original Mix) by Drukverdeler & DJ Bim
13 Moonlight Road (Original Mix) by Fergie & Sadrian
14 Cosmic Mind (Original Mix) by Alien Dragons
15 Bhavatu by Red Pulse & Pandora
16 Secret by Red Pulse
17 Aloha! by Yoav
18 The Beginning (Drukverdeler & DJ Bim Remix) by Serenity Flux & Mind Sense
19 Dmt Wtf by Xenoben
20 Serpentine (Original Mix) by Xenoben
21 Orchestranger (Original Mix) by Balcosmos
22 Day Dream (Original Mix) by Rave Nine & Reborn
23 Ancient Aum (Original Mix) by Electric Universe & Ace Ventura
24 Bond & Connect by Darwish
25 Light And Sound (Original Mix) by Serenity Flux & Lexxus
26 Organika (Hyde Remix) by Attik
27 Cosmos by Twelve Sessions
28 Shiva (Webra Remix) by Avalon & Waio
29 Om Namo (Original Mix) by Katharsis
30 Mescalito (Imagine Mars Remix) by The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
31 Inhuman (Original Mix) by Reverse
32 Yin & Yang (Original Mix) by Freak Control
33 Hope by Hyriderz
34 Life Is Important (Original Mix) by Technology
35 Mushrooms (Original Mix) by Imaginarium & Burn In Noise
36 One Thing by Earthspace & Technology
37 Seed Of Life (Original Mix) by A-tech & Yestermorrow
38 Another Dimension by D-Connect
39 Alien Soul (original mix) by Humalien & Souls Map
40 Rewiring Your Brain (Original Mix) by Chronosphere & Hyperscript
41 Traversing the Endless Road by Desert Dwellers
42 There Is Only Om by Sasha Malkovich


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