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Psy-Trance from Magdeburg


1 Divine Resonance (Original Mix) by Mina
2 Hyperactive Tune by Psychomotorica
3 Gajanana by Dual Vision
4 The Truth (Original Mix) by Bellatrix
5 Kadabra (Original Mix) by Deep Vibration
6 Elysian by Sectastral & Sun Melody
7 Existence by Solar Walker & Shayanic
8 The Call (Original Mix) by Aladiah
9 Nemesis (Original Mix) by Sacred Moai
10 Lizard Brain by Future Outbreak
11 White Rabbit (Sonic Entity RMX) by Jefferson Airplane
12 Mind Malfunction (Original Mix) by Vertex
13 Beyond The Mind by Cosmic Wolf Oficial
14 Time & Space (Original Mix) by Dexther
15 Moving Forward (Original Mix) by Serenity Flux & Afternow
16 Transforming Matter by Mind Sense & Orbiter & Serenity Flux
17 Eternity (Original Mix) by Mind Sense & Orbiter & Serenity Flux
18 Artificial Intelligence (Original Mix) by Clean Noise
19 Neurotransmitters by Psychobass
20 Peace, Love, Unity, Respect (Invader Space Remix) by Phanatic
21 Journey by Berg
22 Ground Meditation by Ilai
23 Psychedelic Swing (Original Mix) by MindFlux & Red Lion
24 Keep Showing Up (Original Mix) by Katharsis & Visitors
25 Knight's Glory by Don Quixote
26 Dil To Pagal Hai (Original Mix) by Cortex
27 Secrets Of The Universe by Knock Out
28 Magical Circles by Optimize & Cronick & Thaihanu
29 Mahal (Doubkore Remix) by Mahaya
30 Shakti by Zomah
31 Lucid Dream by MoRsei & Vlex
32 Tiny Impulses (Original Mix) by Burn In Noise & Imaginarium
33 The Story of the World by Amstex
34 Still Dreaming (Transient Disorder Remix) by Fungus Funk & Hujaboy
35 Reiki by Ital
36 Psychedelics by Tikara
37 Divine Inspiration (Original Mix) by Djantrix
38 Porcupine Tree (Original Mix) by Shivatree
39 Final Human by Sartor & Lotus
40 Cosmic Power by Fnx & Spectra Minds
41 Xoteric Powerful Frequency by E
42 Welcome by Ana Valeriano
43 Tribal Science by Amplify
44 Forest Garden by Looney Grandpas
45 Synaptic Jubilation by Looney Grandpas


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