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Psy-Trance from Magdeburg


1 Indian Trip by Reasoning
2 Hypnosis by Focus Mind
3 Alien Tech by Sabedoria
4 Essence (Original Mix) by Doppler
5 Voyager by Zurg
6 Lucid Dreams (Original Mix) by Spectro Senses
7 Excitement by Exciter
8 Mental Control (Original Mix) by DoubKore & Mahaya
9 Coexistence (Original Mix) by Interium
10 Focus State (Original Mix) by Doubkore & Mahaya
11 Amazing People (Original Mix) by Orisma & Serenity Flux
12 Psytechno Age (Original Mix) by Sonic Massala
13 Light in the Depths (Original mix) by Asgard
14 Maya by Abztrato & Fullflex
15 Boombya (Phazed Remix) by Pitch Bend
16 Bayah by Tokah & Red Pulse
17 Magena (Original Mix) by Mercuroid
18 Patakha Trance by Dirty Beat & Mynastic
19 Dievas (Chrizzlix Remix) by Tophoo
20 Return to the Sauce (Original Mix) by Delysid
21 Psychedelic Mantra (Original Mix) by Magic Vision
22 Calling for Peace (Original Mix) by Electric Universe & Faders
23 Creatures (Faders Remix) by Alpha Portal
24 Samsara (Original Mix) by Darma
25 World of Images (Outsiders Remix) by Volcano On Mars
26 Deranged (Original Mix) by Humalien
27 What the F*** (Original Mix) by Zeg
28 Universe by Spirit Architect
29 Experimental (Original Mix) by Mad Maxx & Tron
30 Slavic Sensation (Original Mix) by Fiction
31 Sex N Drugs by Tristan & Bartholomew
32 Adventure In Color (Original Mix) by Brsa
33 F.Y.O.F (Original Mix) by Spinal Fusion & Single Vision
34 Future Evolution (Original Mix) by Avan7 & X-side
35 Akbarlahu by SATiVAX
36 Industrial Illusion (Original Mix) by Wolfboy & Sentinel
37 Natural Diversity (Original Mix) by Technology
38 Majestic Encounters by Atongmu
39 UFO's In Orbit (Original Mix) by AliGroove
40 Cosmic Speed Limit (Original Mix) by Psiger
41 Volatile (Atongmu Remix) by Alternate Side
42 Psychedelic Explorers by Atongmu & Metaverso
43 Goa Trance Spirits by UNI
44 Chillouxx (Original Mix) by Psymafia


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