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Psy-Trance from Magdeburg


1 Canibal (Original Mix) by Vermont
2 Psychic Energy by Cosmic Tone & Bellatrix
3 Free of Control (original mix) by Zyce
4 Be Right (Asgard Remix) by Liquid Soul & Ritmo
5 Return To Eden by Sam Alien
6 Aeronautica (Original Mix) by Drukverdeler & DJ Bim
7 Universal Mantra (Original Mix) by Waveform
8 Infinity Universe (Original Mix) by Focus Mind
9 Signs of Light (Original mix) by Antinomy
10 Dream Box by Boneless live & Mozik
11 Just A Dream by Backspace Live & Expedition
12 Symmetry (Airi Remix) by Protonica
13 Exoplanet (Kalki Remix) by Protonica
14 Dive in the Deep by Orbiter
15 Debris (original mix) by Sonic Entity
16 Hydra X (Original Mix) by Atacama
17 Passenger (Original Mix) by Side Effects
18 Valiente (Original Mix) by Hypnoise & West Galaxy
19 Force of Life by Xerox
20 Black Shine (Original Mix) by Fmesier
21 Bright Side of the Sun by Bliss & Volcano On Mars
22 Wild Ride (Original Mix) by Ghost Note & Hitpoint
23 Collective (Reborn Remix) by Impact & Hyperflow
24 Africa by Avalon & Stryker
25 Strange Attractor (Volcano On Mars & Faders Remix) by FREq
26 Hybrid (Original Mix) by Interium
27 Is It Real (Original Mix) by Killerwatts & Hang Massive
28 Palolem (Original Mix) by GMS & Faders
29 Xriptonity (Original Mix) by Deep Vibration & Aktyum
30 Funk Punk by Makida
31 Planeswalker (original mix) by Huracan
32 Psychedelic Nightangle (Chronosphere Remix) by Braincell
33 Transformation by MoRsei
34 Time To Go Beyond (Original Mix) by Ketale & Pointfield
35 Shine (Original Mix) by Djantrix
36 420V by Audiosonic
37 Super Baked (Jumpstreet Remix) by Rugrats
38 Power Time (Original Mix) by Chronos
39 Time of Fear (Original Mix) by Djantrix & Modual
40 God of War (Original Mix) by Becker
41 Namaha (Original Mix) by Insignia
42 Neural Mantra (Original Mix) by Insignia & Lexxus
43 Shiva Shambo (Original Mix) by Biological & JaiaGaia
44 Conga Fury (Gorovich Remix) by Juno Reactor
45 Slavic Soulstice by Looney Grandpas


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