198 11 months ago
1991 rave mix


1 Rise by Sugar Bullet
2 Sit On The Bass by Autonation
3 The Calling by Friends Of Matthew
4 Come With Me Tonight by After Dark
5 4 A Little Beat Of Noises And A Lot Of Thunder by Aspect 101
6 African Reign by Deep C (2)
7 Tune (2) ClickOut by D
8 Locked In Madness by The Future
9 Got To Be by Hypnotyk
10 The Voice Of Rave by Forward & Rewind
11 Plan X by The Resistance
12 James, Je Ne Trouve Pas Les Mots (Remixes) by DJPC
13 Energetic Mix by R.A.F.
14 Max DigIt by Bit
15 Bring That Beat Back by Pump Up To Rhythm
16 Le Dormeur by Pleasure Game
17 Le Dormeur Megamix by Pleasure Game
18 Le Seigneur Des Ténèbres by Pleasure Game
19 Jump To It by Source Internal
20 Heavy Atmosphere by Introsik
21 Badinerie Jesu by Cyborg (2)
22 The Power (Remix) by Psycho Team
23 Gimme A Fat Beat by Digital Boy
24 Le Harp by M.D.M. Dee
25 . by 70.06 minutes