93 one year ago
uk hardcore mix.


1 DJ's Take Control by SL2
2 Deep Trip by Down
3 Does It Feel Good To You by Carl Cox
4 Matic Body Fusion by Nu
5 The Noise (The Remix) by SL2
6 F.O. by Directional Force
7 Inner City Life (The Remixes) by Goldie
8 Ahnonghay by Inner City
9 Shame by Altern 8 vs. Evelyn King
10 Feel Real Good by Manix
11 Hellrazor EP by Spiritual Combat
12 Stabbed In The Back by Mind Of Kane
13 Vol 1 by Tripper, The
14 The Energizer by Dave Charlesworth
15 Sit On The Bass by Autonation
16 Doomsday (Remix) by Automation
17 The Don't U Do It EP by Zubbizerretta
18 Mental Techno by Tronikhouse
19 Spark Plug by Tronikhouse
20 The EP Part 2 by Bass Construction
21 The E.P. by Bass Construction
22 Massive Overload by DJ Massive
23 Ruff Neck Bizznizz by Ellis Dee + D.J. Swanne*
24 *3 by DJ Edge
25 The Water Paradox by Mass Underground Movement (M.U.M)
26 Project One Are Back by Project One
27 . by 83.24 minutes