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R&S label mix.


1 Skywalker by Equitek
2 . by Future/Past Jam Packed
3 Levitation by Source
4 Albido by Mundo Muzique
5 . by Balil Nort Route (R&S Remix)
6 CHIP I Cosmic Evolution (Remix) by Microbots
7 F.O. by Directional Force
8 Mental Resurrection by Source
9 Absence Of Malice by Mundo Muzique
10 Tales From A Danceographic Ocean (Remixes)(Barracuda Mix) by Jam & Spoon
11 Stella by Jam & Spoon
12 Tales From A Danceographic Ocean (Remixes) by Jam & Spoon
13 The Second Coming Swirl (2:50) by Mental Overdrive
14 Stylus Flight by Equitek
15 Parameter by Directional Force
16 My First Fantastic F.F. by Jam & Spoon
17 . by Future/Past Jam Packed
18 Turbulence by Sonic Solution
19 Source EP a2 by Source
20 Source by Source
21 Keep On Movin' by Jam & Spoon
22 Hurt You So by Jonny L
23 The Real Hardcore by N.R.G.
24 Digeridoo by Aphex Twin, The*
25 Source EP b1 by Source
26 Camargue (The Remixes) by CJ Bolland
27 Count Zero by Sonic Solution
28 Live At Universe The Future Has Always Happened by CJ Bolland
29 Vagator by Source
30 Live At Universe New Life by CJ Bolland
31 The Second Coming Electric Sunrise by Mental Overdrive
32 Organized Noise The Real Thing by Source
33 Arab Girl by Sonic Solution
34 Eclipse by Source
35 Pure Pleasure by Digital Excitation
36 Arab Girl / Bagdad by Sonic Solution
37 Live At Universe Mantra by CJ Bolland
38 Live At Universe Nightbreed by CJ Bolland
39 . by 147.56 minutes