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oldschool techno hardcore mix.


1 Dukkha (Rome Remix) by Precious & Project*
2 Speed City by Gladiators & Slaves
3 Wowy Zowy by Stomach Basher
4 The Ultimate Seduction (Remix) by Ultimate Seduction, The (2)
5 Magic Feet (The Remixes) by Mike Dunn
6 Set Up 707 by Edge Of Motion
7 Poing by Rotterdam Termination Source
8 Sonar System (Aw, Aw) by Meng Syndicate
9 Vol. 2 by Bass Line
10 Twin Freaks by Gateway Experience*
11 Pullover (Remixes)1th by Speedy J
12 Pullover (Remixes)2nd by Speedy J
13 Climb The Wall (Remixes) by LDV
14 House Nation by Ultimate Seduction, The
15 88 To Piano (Remixes) by Mainx
16 Get Down Everybody (Remixes) by Holy Noise
17 Atomic Brain by Atomic Brain
18 Dance 2 The House by Face The Bass
19 Bad Emotion by Total Groove
20 Destiny (The Remixes) by Insider
21 Volume 1 (The 80 Aum Remixes) by Incubus
22 Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix) by Bizarre Inc
23 Playing With Knives by Bizarre Inc
24 Anasthasia by T99
25 Gazza by Andromeda
26 Night In Motion by Cubic 22
27 State Of Mind by Is That It?
28 Quadrophonia by Quadrophonia
29 The Sequal by Qube 45
30 Kinectic Flight by R.J.'s Rule
31 Fear by Homer Projekt, The
32 Vol. 2 MelodyXPress by World
33 Fuckin' Revenge ! by Friends Of Django
34 I Can't Stop (Not My Mix) by Intellect
35 J'Ai Peur by Sub System
36 Real Pain by Sven Van Hees
37 Bad Jazz by Total Groove
38 ForgetIt! (Remixes) by World Party II
39 The N.H.S EP by DJ Doc Scott*
40 Cutter Mix by Razor Boy & Mirror Man
41 *1 by DJ Edge
42 The Mayday Anthem by WestBam
43 Devil Beats by Church Of Extacy
44 For You Marlene by Rexanthony
45 . by Industrial Strength Sampler, Vol. 1
46 . by 134.58 minutes


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