43 one month ago
Questa e' l' hardcore che piace a me, ho rispolverato vecchie tracce e mix. Spero di aver fatto cosa gradita.

This is the hardcore I like, I dusted off old tracks and mixes. I hope I have done what you like.


1 The Future Priests Of Now (System Shock Remix) by Neophyte vs. Lenny Dee
2 Dead Man Walking by Evil Activities
3 Universal Threat (Sei2ure Remix) by Lunatic & Miss Hysteria
4 Shake The Room by Para Italia
5 The maximum by D-Passion
6 Air Max Movement by Cruel Intentions
7 Live In A Mainstream by Radio Killah
8 Drunk & High by The Melodyst
9 War God by Advanced Dealer
10 Rewind (Andy The Core Remix) by DJ Mad Dog
11 Bullshit (Hardbouncer Remix) by The Punisher
12 Ed 209 Returnz by X-Mind vs. F. Noize
13 Supernatural Occurrences by Repix & Bane
14 Drop Zone (Biorekk Remix) by Andy The Core
15 Remember Me by Proto X
16 Make It Harder (Blackout Remix) by The Endless Souls
17 The Night Is Generous by Hard.Tex & Outrage
18 Haters by Wasted Guys
19 Get Up On This (Andy The Core Remix) by Biorekk
20 Money by Legion Of The Lost
21 Brain Flash by Legion Of The Lost
22 Live For The Weekend by Legion Of The Lost Vs. DJ Riot
23 Ill Behaviour by Legion Of The Lost
24 Overdose by DRS
25 Fuck Ur Own Face by Tieum
26 Spider by Tieum & Axl
27 Bleed And Suffer by Tieum & DJ Icha
28 Lock Me Down by Tieum
29 Militant March by Section Grabuge & The Punisher