67 one month ago
mixed by Jason S



1 Intro: Haunted by Downtempo demons by Jason S
2 Scorn by Life Runs Dark
3 Demesne by Energetic-X
4 The realness by Mad Dog & DJ Promo
5 You don’t belong by Mad Dog
6 Captivus mali by Nightshift
7 Pitchhiker (Marc Acardipane RMX) by Marc Acardipane
8 Monstera by Tripped
9 Hood acid (slow & heavy RMX) by Detest
10 Bomb bass boom by Broken Minds
11 Beyond strength by Angerfist
12 Technology pt 2 by Hardez
13 Tell me what you see by T-Junction & Cemon Victa
14 The Rainmaker by Starving Insect & Catscan
15 Stronk (Waldhaus RMX) by Tripped
16 Verzerrung by Mad Dog
17 I called you (Cancel RMX) by DJ Promo & Lenny Dee
18 Sweat (let the music take control) by Sequence & Ominous
19 Groundshaker (Negative A RMX) by T-Junction & Alex B
20 On my mind by Avoc & Nightshift
21 The Newschool testcase by Alex B
22 Adagio for the wicked by Nosferatu
23 Shinjuku heat by Tripped
24 Step into the dark by Mad Dog & Angerfist
25 Escape by Miss Hysteria


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