73 one month ago
mixed by Jason S


1 Intro: Terrorized by Downtempo demons by Jason S
2 Self destruction by XKRi
3 Pitchhiker (Ghost in the Machine RMX) by Marc Acardipane
4 Dilophosaurus by Strange Arrival
5 Swarm by M4ZE Pusher
6 Hexs by Adamant Scream
7 You still don’t belong by Mad Dog
8 The fuckin’ Rick Dalton by MakerDJ Vs Russian Roulette
9 Tainted blood by Marc Acardipane
10 Voices by AVLM
11 Ad Vesperum (Adamant Scream RMX) by Waldhaus
12 Impending doom by Marc Acardipane
13 A for apocalypse by Nightshift
14 Reboot the phuture by Marc Acardipane feat. Mad Dog
15 Mortal souls by Marc Acardipane feat. The Ultimate MC
16 Sploofer (can zou feel it) by Tripped
17 Diamond in the dirt (ac mix) by T-Junction & Core Criminal
18 Mokerharde kicks by Dither
19 2 Much junk by Neophyte & The Viper
20 Metamorph by Allface
21 Angelic lamentation by Nanostorm
22 Prayer by The Empire
23 Groundshaker (Nightshift RMX) by T-Junction & Alex B
24 All you’ve got is now by Alex B
25 Underground by Mad Dog


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