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TECHNO (PEAK TIME / DRIVING / HARD) 126 to 141 BPM -  Just like Techno Night 1, overall I favored faster trax (130 BPM +) from the top of The Beatport Techno Chart. This one includes material from: Charlotte de Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano, HI-LO, Mha Iri, POPOF, Ramon Tapia, Sam Wolfe, Space 92, Teenage Mutants, The Age Of Love, UMEK and many more. Stay safe y'all! Peace... Hoode Out


1 Breathe (Hoode Edit) by FOVOS
2 Riser (Hoode Edit) by Solardo
3 Devon (Oliver Huntemann Remix/Hoode Edit) by Oliver Schories
4 The Second Law of Thermodynamics (Hoode Edit) by NoNameLeft
5 Atomised (Weska Remix/Hoode Edit) by Quivver
6 Dark Market (Hoode Edit) by Umek
7 Dream Logic (Hoode Edit) by Umek
8 The Age Of Love (De Witte & Sangiuliano Remix/Hoode Edit) by The Age Of Love
9 Together One Time (Hoode Edit) by Kaiserdisco
10 String Theory (Hoode Edit) by HILO, Reinier Zonneveld, Oliver Heldens
11 Industria (Hoode Edit) by HILO, Eli Brown, Oliver Heldens
12 Hope (Hoode Edit) by Victor Ruiz
13 Shutting Down (Hoode Edit) by Novem Vivit
14 Open Up (Hoode Edit) by Mha Iri
15 Dune (Wehbba Remix/Hoode Edit) by Stephan Bodzin
16 Code Is The Code (Hoode Edit) by Adam Beyer
17 Storm 2022 (Hoode Edit) by Storm, Jam El Mar, Rebuke
18 Shades of Summer (Hoode Edit) by Bart Skils, Weska
19 Terra (Original Mix) by Jay Lumen, [ Wex 10 ]
20 Insomnia (Hoode Edit) by Space 92, POPOF
21 Urania (Hoode Edit) by DJ Jock
22 Blackout (Hoode Edit) by SAM WOLFE, KILL SCRIPT
23 The Door (Hoode Edit) by Space 92
24 Cryptic Speech (Hoode Edit) by UMEK
25 Shadows (Hoode Edit) by Teenage Mutants
26 Time (Hoode Edit) by Julian Jeweil
27 Cosmos (Hoode Edit) by Julian Jeweil
28 Believe (Hoode Edit) by Eli Brown
29 Tamashi (Hoode Edit) by Ramon Tapia
30 Cyberspace (Hoode Edit) by Space 92
31 Zulu (Hoode Edit) by A.D.H.S.
32 Reverse (Hoode Edit) by Julian Jeweil
33 Sphere (Hoode Edit) by Drunken Kong
34 Sense (Hoode Edit) by Drunken Kong
35 Turn The Lights (Drunken Kong Remix/Hoode Edit) by Christian Smith
36 Dirty Lagoon (Hoode Edit) by Adam Beyer
37 Submarine (Hoode Edit) by Gary Beck
38 Rave Harder Techno Bass (Hoode Edit) by Mark Dekoda
39 Foundation (Mark Reeve Remix/Hoode Edit) by Pig&Dan
40 Hooked (Hoode Edit) by Marhu, A*S*Y*S
41 Venture (Hoode Edit) by Amazingblaze
42 6am (Hoode Edit) by Distorted Dreams


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