921 6 years ago

This Is Ska 21 Theme Tunes N Covers.

Bit of fun with this one.

Tracklist Provided.


1 OK Fred by No Sports
2 Three Little Birds by BeNuts
3 James Bond by The Skatalites
4 Live And Let Die by Byron Lee & The Dragonaires
5 Peter Gunn by The Riffs
6 The Man With The Golden Arm by The Scofflaws
7 Magnum P.I. by The Butlers
8 James Bond by The Selecter
9 Mr Big Stuff by Ska Jazz Review
10 Mission Impossible by The Butlers
11 The Magnificent Seven by The Supertones
12 The Good The Bad And The Ugly by The Scofflaws
13 Stand And Deliver by Mark Foggo's Skasters
14 On In Ten by Alpha Boy School
15 We Are The Champions by The Busters
16 Dancin In The Street by BeNuts
17 Bonanza Ska by Bad Manners
18 Hare Tonic by Let's Go Bowling
19 Captain Skarlet by Mark Foggo's Skasters
20 La Bamba by The Checkered Cabs
21 Soul Rebel by The Butlers
22 Hawaii 5 by Yellow Umbrella



Yaaaa Maaan Thanx


Love this mix thanks