107 one year ago
A live interactive sound and image event at the Carpenter Center for Visual Art, at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts USA. Performing in a studio designed to record orchestras for film and projecting my oscilloscope with a video projector, and showing sound vibrations on screen. This allows the eyes to 'explain' to the ear, and fulfill the vision!

Thanks so much listening and Being There!

Twitch VOD: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1735753769



1 Da Foot Stall (Original Mix) by Dylan Debut
2 Cruel Love by DuBeats
3 Crazy Jazzman (original mix) by Tomas Brignolo
4 Sunshine City by Tuccillo
5 I'm Sure (Original Mix) by Mo'Cream
6 Lymie (Christian LER remix) by Sebas Ramos
7 Run (radio mix) by Wasabi/Leagas/Pollock
8 Dance To The Rhythm by DJ Steaw
9 On Fire by Set Mo
10 B11 by Franck D
11 Cellular by DJOKO/Kolter/Youandewan
12 Run (Leagas remix) by Wasabi/Leagas/Pollock
13 Touch My Soul by Dilby
14 Trouble Double (Braga Inc Original Mix) (2007 vinyl) by Braga Inc. vs. Chubby Dubz
15 Jazbah Sceneries by Julius Papp


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