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Haha just a ...closet case Turntablest here. I have been playing with wax and tracks for many years....it grew organically from my severe picky-ness and the desperate search for music (samples,loops,stems and sounds) that I like which all to often ended in disappointment. I do play out (though rarely) on occasion I love being at one with the music....I have to admit...I would rather have my claimed space in front of a speaker on the dance floor than being trapped in the little DJ booth concentrating on not trainwrecking .LOL ...... nowadays I have more success with searches ending fruitfully; yet the genere's are so crossbred (in bass styles) that you have to listen to all that's available. Often I still end up with an "ALMOST DOPE" track that is shot full of some irritating shit that ruins it for me.

I 'm addicted to da basslines......loud, hard hitting, pounding, rolling, bouncing, making cookies I don't care what it does as long as it breaks and dumps. I still love the old 808 styles from the 80's like 2LiveCrew and Egyption Lover (still love and play their stuff). Fixx, Icey and BabyAnn would get me going but some of the stuff coming out now is incredible...I hope I find it ALLLLLLLLLL! Feel free to share a link of something bassssssssy....

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dj-E-4-Energy Saturday, March 31, 2018

Hello shawntal5150. Thank you 4 Listening my dj E 4 Energy - House, Bass & Garage Live Mix 9-2015. The support is really appreciated and i hope you enjoyed what you heard. Your Comment would of course be welcome , because i would Love 2 hear what you think about my mix and music choice. My latest upload is an energy trance mix , it's a bit faster at 140 bpm :) Check it out , maybe you wil like it as well. Many more mixes on my page , in many music styles (lots of bass :) ) and bpm , are ready 4 you 2 be discovered. Enjoy Listening the music shawntal5150 , play it loud , smile and keep on dancing :) Have a great weekend , Erik , dj E 4 Energy. Peace , Love & Music.

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ROBOT59 Sunday, February 11, 2018

Thanks for listening to 'SHUT UP and DANCE X - DECADES'. Hope you enjoyed the mix 🎶