171 one month ago

Full on psy trance . 

Mixed in one go , random grabbed tunes , unplanned mix . Hence no chapters nor titles . Thats half the fun , grab a tune , try to make it work.

Mixed on cdj 400s , Numark M4 mixer / new installed crossfader ( recent 2nd hand Christmas gifts – at the kitchen table due to foot injury ) using Mp3’s  (USB sticks ) recorded onto a Reloop 2 Mp3 recorder , no pc’s  no serato , no programs nor editing of any kind  – live and as raw as it was mixed. It starts a little manic ….but hey ho …..

Possible mistakes will be evident. I need to practice!

The title ?

Recently diagnosed with hypertention - high blood pressure  – caused by age and a serious blow to the head resulting in concussion.

Hence - Hypertentionator.

Tune in turn on – pop in those ear buds , cans on , stereo up . Sit back , choose you’re poison to indulge with ,  close the eyes and let the mind enter a myriad of  hyperspace intoxication listening to this most amazing form for music - my altar, my religion.

Travel without moving , a roller coaster for the mind .

Relax ,enjoy the trip.

OR get up dance into shamanism  with the floor on fire , try to stamp out those flames .....

I just hope it tickles the space between the ears .

Please , any  feedback  is most gratefully received.

Boomshanka !

Peace & love

Oz -  Sickrabbit