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Hail noble Abstractionistas!

Here lies seven decades of musical shizz, mashed down into just under three hours of mellow fruitiness.

Suitable for all environments, including kitchens, bathrooms, dining rooms, long journeys and waiting in queues for basic essentials.

Consider it a marmelised melee of funk, soul, grooves, dub, breaks, jazz, hiphop, trick tunes & blunted beats. There's something for everyone here, unless of course you have an aversion for fine music.

Love and echidnas,

AbstractRadio: for your mind, body and soul.

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1 frio en el alma by carrie rodriguez
2 nobody knows by pastor barrett & the youth for christ choir
3 sure thing by st germain
4 criminal by earl st clair
5 good day by greg street
6 right on by clarence wheeler & the enforcers
7 daymarks by catching flies
8 music takes me up by mr scruff
9 weed anthem by jstar
10 broadway by rayko
11 fool in love by sarah winton
12 wake up everybody by psychemagic
13 compared to what by roberta flack
14 taking care of business by nina simone
15 ain't no time fa nothing by futures
16 don't let love get you down by archie bell & drells
17 hip drop by explosions
18 do what comes natural by jimmy jones
19 rudies give up by glen lloyd
20 runnin' by marc mac & visioneers
21 ufo theme by barry gray
22 rational culture secular edit by tim maia
23 I'm alive by johnny thunder
24 mr kicks by oscar brown
25 don't let me down by marcia griffiths
26 making love after hours by rahsaan roland
27 if it ain't one thing by ann alford
28 we're getting down by weldon irvine
29 high blood pressure by huey piano smith
30 too late by cornelius brothers
31 whitey on the moon by gs heron
32 you work hard for your enemy by sandy rivera
33 don't blame us for the boogie by fat camp
34 feeling good by frank cunimondo
35 you need a change of mind by brooklyn express
36 happy man by jungle
37 like sugar by chaka khan
38 until the morning by thievery corporation
39 st germain by dj cam
40 no diggity by jstar
41 pan am by arms and sleepers
42 it's love by jill scott
43 end of days by zachary kibbee
44 you and me by meute


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