87 one month ago
Some Deeper relaxing vibes today on Balearic Sounds 77. Hope you enjoy


1 Runway (Original Mix) by BiG AL, Kiano
2 Black Moon by Alex Ranerro
3 Close Your Eyes (Deep Version) by Erich Fromm
4 Orange Sunshine (Kyka Remix) by Rishi K.
5 Road Adventure (Original Mix) by Addex
6 Electrosmog by BDTom
7 6 Deep Deep Deep by DP
8 Departure (Original Mix) by Adisyn
9 Merkaba by Frink
10 Atlantic (Alexander Saykov Remix) by Crack D, Alexander Saykov
11 Yessid (The Disclosure Project Remix) by Tom Pooks
12 6 From Detroit To Berlin by DP
13 What You Do (Original Mix) by Pheek, Kike Mayor



very good session !!! I'm a fan of this kind of sound