94 4 months ago
60-90 minutes of only great music from the legendary clubs that resided on 27th Street (Sound Factory, Twilo, Tunnel) in NYC. We will also visit 14th Street, on occasion. 😉 🎧🎹🥁🌃

This show is live on Tuesdays at 5pm ET/10pm UT on www.justhousemusic.co.uk


1 Lost In Music by Ellis D
2 What Is House Muzik (Wild Pitch Mix) by Phuture Scope
3 In the Dark We Live (Thee Lite) [Dave Clarke Remix] by Aphrohead, Dave Clarke
4 Tracktion by 51 Days
5 Feel What You Want (Junior's Factory Mix) by Kristine W.
6 The Cure (Original Mix) by Angel Moraes
7 Body To Body (Junior Vasquez Edit) by Shades of Love ft. Meli'sa Morgan
8 Clear (Mix 1) by Sonny Campbell
9 Do You Believe in the Wonder (Fire Island Mix) by Jeanie Tracy
10 Hope Never Give Up (Junior Vasquez Mix) by Loveland
11 House Is A Feeling (Sunday School Mix) by Sunday School
12 What Hope Have I (Junior’s Drums of Hope) by The Sphinx ft. Sabrina Johnston
13 Dreamlover (David Morales 2003 Remix) by Mariah Carey
14 Plastic Dreams [Original 12" Mix] by Jaydee


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