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90 minutes of only great music from the legendary clubs that resided on 27th Street (Sound Factory, Twilo, Tunnel) in NYC. We will also visit 14th Street, on occasion. 😉 🎧🎹🥁🌃

In the 3rd and best yet episode, in my opinion, we mostly visit Sound Factory & ArenA; 12 vs 4 tracks. Yes, there are long transitions, a little layering, and only great music. Enjoy, like, comment, share!

This show is live on Tuesdays at 5pm ET/10pm UT on www.justhousemusic.co.uk


1 I Got Something (Junior Vasquez TribaRhythm Mix) by Fumix Pr Ellis D
2 I Want You (Junior Vasquez DMC Mix) by Juliet Roberts
3 Melody of Love (Jr's DMC Mix) by Donna Summer
4 Bedtime Story (Luscious Dub Mix) + (Junior's Wet Dream Mix) by Madonna
5 Going Round (MK's Dub) by D'bora
6 As I Am (Junior's Sound Factory Mix) by Sound of One
7 Paper Moon by 51 Days
8 Strange World (Junior's Sound Factory Mix) by Ké
9 Kamasutra Express (Train Mix) by Kama Sutra
10 Alive (Original 12" Mix) by Heliotropic
11 The Cure (Original Mix) by Angel Moraes
12 Love Changes (Mk Club Mix) by Mk feat Alana
13 I'm Leavin' (Hex Hector Club Mix) by Lisa Stansfield
14 What The Child Needs (Sound Factory Mix) by Hannah Jones
15 Muzeek by Shyazzam
16 Step X Step (Junior's Deep Dub) by Whitney Houston



This is the dogs bollox ..... I love it ....


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