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Brisbane - Australia
Im Ant, originally from the Uk, now living in Brisbane, Australia.

Been into music from an early age, being brought up around many different genres from ska, disco, rock, pop, acid, drum and bass name a few.
I think this is the reason Ive never really stuck to one genre and have a love for and play all types of music.

At the age of 15 and loving D&B I borrowed some money off an uncle and bought some decks and records. Not being able to mix a beat with D&B, i decided to switch to happy hardcore to learn the basics. I picked this up pretty quickly and over time progressed into the other genres like D&B, House, Gargage, Hip Hip etc.

One knack I had with with mixing records was the ability to mix without headphones and get a beat pretty much matched from the off. One trick that really seemed to annoy my mates at the time.

Over the years music has been more of a hobby to me. Ive played some clubs, parties and lots of radio. Other than radio, never really cemented anything down. I'd say I get more joy doing radio than anything else.

2016- Lately I've not had much to do with music. Immigrating to Aus nearly 2 years ago and trying to get my feet on the ground, music took a back seat. Ive still kept up to date with a few things, but for now, its just the odd demo and hopefully some radio for me.


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