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Why was the Golden Legend important?
'The Golden Legend' was frequently copied and translated and, when printing was introduced, was still more popular. It was a highly important and accessible source for painters of religious subjects, especially for the lives of the saints.


1 Cosmovision CKH MIX by Anna ft Ravid
2 Aquarius CKH MIX by Estiva
3 Mesin CKH MIX by Nico Cranxx
4 The Only Way CKH MIX by Daxson and Numa
5 Cant Feel My Face CKH MIX by Will Atkinson
6 Space CKH MIX by Bobby Mcfisher
7 In The Darkness CKH MIX by Ben Mcconnell
8 Rave CKH MIX by Sam Paganini
9 Listening CKH MIX by Submersive and Trice Ft Little Blessed
10 Acid Dreams CKH MIX by Thomas Lloyd
11 The Way of Magic CKH MIX by Feel and Papulin & Ren Faye
12 Nova CKH MIX by Emedi
13 Distorted Brain CKH MIX by The Jackman
14 Dreaming Synthesizers CKH MIX by Trancenoid
15 Amun CKH MIX by Galexis and Jason Vinterra
16 Wings CKH MIX by Protoculture and Nicholas Gunn ft Alina Renae
17 Decution CKH MIX by Adam Szydlik
18 Black Sky CKH MIX by Tim Eric
19 Playfulness CKH MIX by Fisherman, Susana
20 Take me Home CKH MIX by Kiko Franco, Different_stage


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