159 2 months ago

A new Reggae & Dub Mix, recorded June 2022. Rolling out for just over 2 hours, this extended mix is packed with pure blissed out summer Reggae & Dub-wise flavours. A couple of original 70’s Reggae tunes thrown in for good measure of course. Perfect for those lazy afternoons chilling in the garden, on the beach, for summer 2022. Good quality stereo or headphones strongly recommended for this one so you can fully meditate to that bassweight. Strictly vibes.

Mixed and recorded on the trusty Pioneer DDJ 1000, along with the MacBook Pro. All music audio files used are full lossless WAV’s and the mix itself is encoded to 320kbps MP3 at a sample rate of 44.1 kHz for best sound quality possible. 

Shouts out to all the regular followers and streamers of my page. Full track list provided as ever for all my fellow DJ’s & producers - love to all.


1 Bluesky Dub by Frenk Dublin
2 A Lasting Spirit by Cimm
3 The Times by 2562
4 Earth Step by J.Robinson
5 Cascade One by Frenk Dublin
6 Love Is The Key by J.Robinson feat Bopper Ranking
7 Corruption by Frenk Dublin
8 Melodica Step by J.Robinson
9 Spy Riddim by Blind Prophet
10 Flute Step by J.Robinson feat Don Fe
11 Me See Fire by Frenk Dublin
12 Hold Tight by J.Robinson feat Jah Mirikle
13 On Di Riddim by Frenk Dublin
14 Melodica 87 by J.Robinson
15 Peplum by Von D
16 Psalm 87 by J.Robinson feat Bopper Ranking
17 Soundcraft by Frenk Dublin
18 Almighty Jah Dub by J.Robinson
19 Some Men Rise Some Men Fall by J.Robinson
20 Give Love (J.Robinson raw version) by Adam Prescott feat Michael Prophet
21 Hard Dub by J.Robinson
22 Give Love (J.Robinson spiritual mix) by Adam Prescott feat Michael Prophet & Lippy On Flute
23 Firm Meditation Part 3 by J.Robinson feat The Chanting Lion
24 Dub Meditation by J.Robinson
25 Firm Meditation by J.Robinson feat The Chanting Lion
26 Welcome to Bandit Country by King Yoof
27 Roll River Nile by J.Robinson feat Donovan Kingjay
28 Bushwacka Dub by King Yoof
29 Firm Meditation Part 4 by J.Robinson feat The Chanting Lion
30 Master Of My Temple by J.Robinson
31 Promised Land by J.Robinson
32 Realise by George Palmer & Dub Troubles
33 Firm Meditation Part 2 by J.Robinson feat The Chanting Lion
34 Lion Dub by J.Robinson
35 Dub Charge by Aswad
36 Heal I by J.Robinson