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A new Disco House Mix, recorded June 2022. Rolling out for around 2.5 hours, this extended mix is packed with chilled out summer Disco & Deep House flavours. Taking you back to that golden sound of the 70’s with today’s productions. Perfect for those lazy afternoons chilling in the garden, on the beach, for summer 2022. 

Mixed and recorded on the trusty Pioneer DDJ 1000, along with the MacBook Pro. All music audio files used are full lossless WAV’s and the mix itself is encoded to 320kbps MP3 at a sample rate of 44.1 kHz for best sound quality possible. 

Shouts out to all the regular followers and streamers of my page. Full track list provided as ever for all my fellow DJ’s & producers - love to all.


1 Cash by Cody Currie & MiK
2 Street Corners by SEK
3 Woman by Cody Currie
4 Moov To That Beat by Soul Clap
5 Under My Swing by Cody Currie
6 The Realm by SEK
7 Love We Feel by Cody Currie & Joel Holmes
8 Freebooter by Fouk
9 She's Too Lazy, I Swear by Cody Currie
10 The Nerd Comeback by SEK
11 Prologue by Cody Currie
12 Juicy Lucy by Loz Goddard
13 Pool Of Red by Cody Currie
14 Stomp Your Feet (Joey Negro extended mix) by Joey Negro
15 Wide Awake by Junktion
16 Look Ca' Cu' by Cody Currie
17 The Rainbow Song by Art Of Tones
18 Jet Black 03 by Cody Currie
19 Heater Gonna Heat by SEK
20 Dart Larfuncle (Harry Wolfman remix) by Pools
21 Bobby by Cody Currie
22 Rhythm Junktion by SEK
23 Oderberger by Cody Currie
24 I'm Wishin' by Junktion
25 Message In Our Music (Joey Negro remix) by The O'Jays
26 Lock And Groove by Cody Currie
27 Kill Frenzy by Fouk
28 I Should Probably Get Some Rest by Cody Currie
29 Disclix by Kerrier District
30 Heineken 04 by Cody Currie
31 Mind Delusions by SEK
32 Come N Boogie by SEK
33 In Search Of The Dream by Joey Negro feat Angela Johnson
34 Let's Dance And Freak by Kerrier District


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