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Pretoria - South Africa
Currently using computer software and planning to upgrade soon. Soulful House is my first Love,now South African House music is just on another level, Deep House is also up there on my list. I also love mixing pure Kwaito music. Have just recently started venturing into other House genres that I find interesting. Born and bred in the old RS of A, former Transkei which is now the Eastern Cape. Spent all my life there until 2001 when I had to move to Cape Town in search of employment. Moved to Gauteng 2002 where I'm currently residing. You can visit my website ( orblogspot for my mixes( The music bug hit me while I was still very young and my greatest influences were my uncles. At the time I was into Michael Jackson, New Edition and Bob Marley. As I matured the influence changed and I got into Luther Vandross, Roberta Flack, Diana Ross and any love song I could get my hands on. The love of house started when I heard Heavy Dee Crewcompilation album 45 BPM 1 and DJ Fresh. Those wereone of my biggest influences.

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