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Arcadia - South Africa
Khoza here! Born and bred in the Province of Legends, Eastern Cape. From birth to early childhood I lived in Flagstaff then later we moved to Mthatha. Currently based in the nations capital, Pretoria. My first love of music was Reggae largely due to influence from my Uncles and then I progressed into R&B. I caught the House bug when I came across the album from The Heavy Dee Krew's album entitled Mid-Tempo House Hits 45 BPM. After that came DJ Pippi and Jamie Lewis with their In the Mix album. From then on I was hooked for life. I love all things music. Music has this supernatural ability to heal, whether you are broken hearted or just woke up in foul mood. Once you put those earphones on, switch on you car stereo or go clubbing, you are transported into the realm of happiness. Hope you enjoy my mixes. "For the love of house, for the love of beats, for the love of dance!" Please visit my website for more of my mixes, guest mixes and upcoming entertainment events -

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