39 18 days ago
Happy hardcore mix.


1 In Complete Darkness by Fat Controller
2 Let It Lift You by Billy Daniel Bunter & JDS Ft Gem
3 Sunshine (The Pa Kau Mix) by Ramos, Supreme & Sunset Regime
4 Groove Control by Midas
5 4A by Silk Cuts
6 Crowd Control (Slipmatt Remix) by Ramos & Supreme
7 Take It From The Groove by Midas
8 Gotta Believe by DJ DNS
9 Stomp It Up (Highlife Remix) by JDS
10 Break On Through (Unreleased Mix) by Midas
11 A Higher Love (Slipmatt Remix) by JDS
12 Rush Hour by DJ Magical
13 We Can Do This by Crashmatt
14 Music#'s Hypnotising by Brisk & Ham
15 Going Round by MC Gruff & Crashmatt
16 BellTune by Slippery Project
17 On & On by Brisk & Ham
18 Something Like Dis by Slippery Project
19 Checkin' Da Cutz by Brisk & Vinylgroover
20 EMotion by Druid & Trixxy
21 I've Got The Feeling (Demo Mix) by DJ Demo
22 Drop The Bass by Druid & Trixy
23 I Wanna Rock by Robbie Long & Devastate


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