430 3 years ago

Well Hey... it's been over two months and I promise not to take such a long break again... those All Inclusive Radio stations I've been working on are taking up more time than I planned, but I will not disappear again.  I remembered how much fun it is making these mixes... and I hope you enjoy them as well... which you must, based on the messages and download totals.  And for that, I thank you so very much!  This mix has a slice of everything... new tracks, hit tracks, edm tracks and even a classic rock track... remixed of course.  Enjoy!  And let's have fun in 2019!


1 Edge Of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks
2 Insane by Funk Deep
3 Get Up by Tujamo
4 EF2MOZ by Ben Remember
5 Strike It Up 2019 by Black Box
6 A Little Respect 2019 by Erasure
7 Without Me by Halsey
8 I'm Odd by Loopers
9 Gah Damn by Hotblood
10 Levels 2018 by Avicii
11 Whip It by Curbi
12 On My Mind by Max Styler
13 Feel The Prayer by DJs From Mars
14 Demons by Imagine Dragons
15 Body by Loud Luxury / Brando
16 Bumrush The Sound by Block & Crown



great mix nice to see you back