281 3 years ago
Promises made... promises kept!  I told you I'd be back sooner than later with another great club mix.  This one is pretty progressive versus the usual pop remix stuff I like to do.  The next mix will be more pop tracks remixed... coming soon.  Thanks, as always, for listening in every country!


1 Betty Never Sleeps by Block & Crown
2 Get Dat by Gettoblaster / DJ Funk
3 Orientalism by Rone WHite & Allessandro Diruggiero
4 Kyoto by Selva & Superjam
5 Back To School by Stefano Reis
6 Drop That by Taylor Jaymin / Robin Should
7 La Rumba by Victor Porfido & Albita
8 The Calling by Where It's Att
9 Like A Girl by Will Clarke / Nick Monaco
10 Para Bailar by Yvvan Back / Dual Beat
11 Rush by Brohug
12 Flames by Freaks N Beatz / Sam "Stray" Wood
13 Are You Listening by Dubvision / Handed
14 Triple Six by Curbi



nice mix my man. i need dj funk ass from the back don't think it was released but :(


I remember that one too... had it on vinyl I think back in the day! lol