37 one month ago
Here's a mix in which I listened and gathered my top uplifting trance tracks that have been released so far this year. I hope you all enjoy. It's nice to be back. Leave me some love!


1 Catori by Aled Mann
2 Close Your Eyes (Extended Mix) by Nik Andre
3 Decipher by Asteroid pres Obsidian & NuSpirit
4 Bellatrix by Steve DeKay
5 Azuremyst (Extended Mix) by Kenny Palmer
6 Bohemia (Extended Mix) by Allen Watts vs Yoshi & Razner
7 Broken by Blue Serigala
8 Mother Earth by Nord Horizon
9 More Than Love (Craig Connelly Remix) by Andy Moor, Somna & Linney
10 Remember Us (Extended Mix) by Corti Organ ft. Deidre McLaughlin
11 Apostolia (Original Mix) by Terra V
12 Meant to Be by Metta & Glyde
13 Gratitude (Matt Bukovski Edit) by Bogdan Vix
14 Our Light by Stowers & Cooper
15 Aeon by Asteroid, Kinetica & Inversed
16 Ophiuchus by Steve Allen
17 Into Euphoria by Jody 6
18 The Twisting Nether by Kenny Palmer


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