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Washington, DC - United States
Wassup World of MIXED Sound in the cloud. I am a DJ located outside of Washington, DC, who has been in love with music for 40+ years. I am a singer, play several instruments, and I enjoy all types of music. Right now, the club/house sound is hot and that is where my mix game is. I can blend all kinds of music but I enjoy a nice deep soulful vocal sound. If you are interested and/or are feeling my vibe. By all means please listen to my tracks. Like the ones you do and by all means follow me. I am constantly updating my site with new ear candy! DJ Suspence

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Washington, DC, United States

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perryclouse1 21 February 2017

excellent mixologist he is the first dj to have a cd that could make me get up and dance at home I want every mix cd he makes