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Prestatyn - United Kingdom
From an early age Daniel had an obsession with music, DJing at his parents new years eve party at the age of 10 and buying and collecting music whenever possible, It was a number of years later that Daniel was able to buy his first technical set of decks and start his DJing journey. In 2008 Daniel won a DJ slot in a competition, arranged byTrackitdown.netand Dance Island to DJ at the Dance Island Festival, his mix was 1 of 15 from 650+ entries to get chosen, a magnificent achievement and another step in the right direction in his djing career. Since 2008 Daniel has been fortunate enough to secure various residencies at local clubs and had the opportunity to play in some of the UK's best loved venue's. In recent times Daniel has seen his DJing go from strength to strength, embracing new technologies and also venturing into the world of mashup/bootleg creation. Onwards and upwards, as D:Ream would say "Things can only get better"

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