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Toronto - Canada
Justin discovered Bass music at the age of 16 on the radio (Monday nights: Global Groove Network, rebroadcast on University of Toronto’s CIUT 89.5FM). He Started attending Toronto events in 1999, his first being one thrown by “Big Bud”. Nicky Blackmarket soon became his personal DJ hero, due to his track selection and upbeat personality. He soon began attending Contraband events in Barrie and was introduced to the local underground community. Due to his persistence and skill, he was adopted by Contraband and originally learned to mix vinyl on Tec1200 turntables, since CDs were far from mainstream. He soon realized that he needed this creative outlet, and purchased his first set of turntables. The Contraband Family has been a strong personal influence for Justin from the start, encouraging him to embrace music as a hobby and a means to focus and stay productive. Working with the organization he was able to further develop his turntable technique and self-confidence - and meet people with similar interests. He has built up his vinyl collection, buying and trading with other favourite local DJs, but most of his current purchases are digital.He has become proficient with Pioneer CD decks and digital interfaces - preferring Serato or Traktor using vinyl or CDs, or either medium without an interface. In 2012 Data-Bass started Gridlock Radio - a weekly internet radio show featuring rotating guests on BassJunkees. The show celebrated it’s 1-Year Anniversary in February of 2013 and has become one of the station's top downloads. Miss Cheviouss (aka Selectra) has been moved from her apartment to the clubs causing trouble on the decks the whole time since she recently busted onto the scene in 2010. She has been supporting bass culture since way back in 1998, which means she was quite probably too young to be "raving".. Jen quickly accumulated a quality collection of a wide variety of digital music and through practice and dedication, plus the support from her friends, developed her technique and consistent precision on CD-decks over a very short period of time. She jumped at the opportunity to become a resident DJ on the Gridlock Radio show on Bassjunkees and many of her mixes can be heard via their PodCasts. She showed much promise as a radio DJ and was welcomed to the Contraband family in 2013. Now surrounded by positive, strong minded people and the right resources, her senses of creativity and motivation have been seriously augmented and she is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. She is now one of the co-hosts of "Locked Up" (host of the "Liquid Lunch" segment) -Saturdaysat2pm ESTon Contraband Radio! Selctra has been making her mark by performing with deadly precision and versatility, mixing nearly all styles and sub-genres of drum & bass music, dubstep and trap, constantly feeding off of the crowd’s energy.

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