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My radio show played live on www.reactradio.uk on Thursday (06/07/2023)

A 2 hour mix of Bassline House & Speed Garage classics from 2003 to 2005,

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Catch me every Sunday 2-4pm (UK) for House and Dance new and old


Thursdays 6-8pm for Bassline and Speed Garage.
on www.reactradio.uk

listen to "React Radio UK" here :- https://fastcast4u.com/player/reactradio/.


1 Good Love by DBX
2 Drinking Chardonnay (Richard Dolby remix) by DJ Lapel
3 Happy Times by GnG
4 Stompin To The Beat Yall by Micky T & Motionz
5 Westside (Wider Mix) by Wideboys
6 Dip it Low by Big Ang
7 Lady (Club Mix) by Trotters Independent Traders
8 What A Night by Andy M
9 Bang Bang by Bass Dominators
10 Some Kind Of Fool (Vocal Mix) by Chunky ft Caz
11 Rocking Music (Divorce Material Mix) by Wayne Kehllier
12 Make Love by Tex Ft Micha
13 Disco Inferno (Juicy Joints Remix) by Cent
14 Soul Thing by Micky T & Motionz
15 There You Go by Macca & Da Boy
16 Krush by DJ Richard
17 What Comes Naturally by Tex
18 There For You by One Four
19 All I Need Is You by Wideboys
20 Shorty Swing by GNG
21 I Dont Know by Hunt Down The Savage Vs Usher
22 Tox vs JD Smith Return of The Mac by D
23 Work by Mask
24 Remedy by Danny Wynn
25 Hey Mr Dj by Screen II
26 Tox vs JD Smith It's Just The Way by D


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