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My radio show played live on www.reactradio.uk on Thursday (13/07/2023)

A 2 hour mix of Bassline House & Speed Garage classics,

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Catch me every Sunday 2-4pm (UK) for more house and dance new and old
Thursdays 6-8pm for my Bassline and Speed garage show.

listen "React Radio UK" here :- https://fastcast4u.com/player/reactradio/.


1 Twisted by Wise Men x RGZ
2 Surrender (The Break Dancing Bassline Mixdown) by DJ Figgy
3 I Got The Music by Richard Dolby
4 Organ Rhythm Track by Jon Buccieri
5 Hold Your Head Up High by Bass Cartell
6 Dirrty Warper by Macca & The Boy
7 In Love (Bass Mix) by Mr E
8 Dare To Dream (Bass Dominators Mix) by Bline Boys
9 I Wish (Birmingham Bounce Mix) by DJ Kevlar
10 Keep It Comin by Danny Wynn
11 Don't You Want My Love by DJ Veteran
12 Together by Richard Dolby
13 Stomping To My Beat by DJ Motionz
14 Reach For Me by Kevlar
15 Turntable i Play (90s Spg Mix) by Figgy
16 Tell Me Its Real by Luke Wilson
17 Blinded By The Lights (NLMT Speed Garage Bootleg) by The Streets
18 Move For Joy (Bassline House Remix) by AJ
19 Think Of U by DEA aka Ultra Flava
20 Doolally by Twintown
21 The Show (Empire Mix) by Gyskard
22 Power of the Night (Empire Mix) by Gyskard
23 Over You (Howarth`s 2005 Rework) by Mark Howarth
24 Feel The Vibe by Underground Addicts
25 Got To Get Up (Carpe Diem Remix) by Afrika Bambaataa
26 Rumours by Fabulours Baker Boys
27 Midnight (soundclash dub mix) by Robin S
28 Do You Wanna (DND Mix) by Kaz


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