Bangkok - Thailand
I have been involved in music literally all my life. Starting from the source, born into the family business of Latin Percussion(LP) the world leader in Afro-Cuban percussion musical instruments later the final step, curating music in a nightclub I owned. My family’s home was a musical dreamland, frequented by musical luminaries, Patato Valdez, Tito Puente, even Dizzy Gillespie, the list is endless. Bembe’s in the basement smoking through the night were not uncommon. At the age of 15 years I engineered a record album Carlos Patato Valdes “Bata Y Rumba”. My years dedicated to the family business, had me focusing on the details of sound. I was enamored with R&D, the idea that a musical instrument I invented would be enjoyed by millions of people around the world captured my soul. In 1995 I got involved in Soulful House, I embraced this new music and found my “sound”, soulful, percussive, interesting song structures with strong African and Latin influences.

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