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✪ EDM Fest ⭐(Session 17)


1 ID by Xexer
2 Forget Me Extended (VIP) by Lewis Capaldi
3 Touches Extended by PJONAX & B0R0
4 Cry For You Extended by Severman & Chris Ponate
5 Pump It Up Extended (Exclusive) by 3 Are Legend & Tujamo vs Jaxx & Vega feat. Black & White Brothers
6 Stay With Ü Now Extended by STVW & Koriz vs. Jack Ü & Justin Bieber
7 What It Feels Like by ERIK
8 Nicy by Lunevsky
9 Blow (VIP) by Ke$ha Feat. M.A.B.M
10 The Night Rave Extended (Exclusive) by Ruby Snake
11 All I Want Extended (VIP) by Alan Feik
12 The Soulcatcher Extended by AXMO & Sandro Silva
13 Run Extended by Manse & Elitegence Feat. Sarah De Warren
14 What Is Love 2022 (Exclusive) by Haddaway
15 I Need You Extended by Tom Apex & Hilefex
16 Moment Soon Extended by ANG, Jordan Grace, Ezra Hazard
17 Secrets Extended by Rəind Səid
18 Blow It Up Extended by Timmy Trumpet vs INNA & Love Harder
19 Jump To The Bass 2022 Extended by DJ Cargo & Barthezz Brain
20 Whatever It Takes Extended by Zodiac X & Drew Jaxen
21 Le Disco Extended by Henry Fong
22 123 vs The Middle (Exclusive) by Afrojavk & Hardwell
23 Kernkraft 400 vs. Spectrum by Justus
24 Ole Ole Extended by Timmy Trumpet & Arrow vs Rave Republic
25 Pretty Little Words Extended by Mike Williams feat. Zack Hall
26 End by Xexer


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