742 12 years ago


Mixed By Dj Re-noir



Opening track.... - NICE and steady. Duo-gender vocals, "Can you feel it," light synth bounce, SOLID rhythm GAIT. 7:10 mark - JUMP UP SAXOPHONE followed by male vocals and a female chorus \\0// \\0// \\0//!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://68.media.tumblr.com/078b1b37539dfa2046110ae8914e2696/tumblr_njnqnk3blj1qgjeodo1_500.gif - 14:45 - YEP. Jackin house vibez, revolving bassline. 19:35 - FUNK. Lead guitar and sax riff, wait for the bassline. 23:05 - AHHH YEAH, now that's FUNK. Female vocal hook, "I'll be there," swervy sax and synth cadence. 30:05 - MOMENTUM. Female vocals, "We do it all for love," JIGGLIN' keys with bongo percussion!!!!!!!!!! https://i.giphy.com/media/Gxk0jI06myhpu/giphy.webp - 32:50 - The cooldown. Female vocals, "That's enough, I'm tired of thinking of you," syncopation bones (Rhodes). You drift into this one. 41:05 - YEAH MAN....entering the ZONE. Female vocals, "I'm lost, I'm lost without you," SLIDING organ. http://66.media.tumblr.com/e67c13fd8fe541a375a519bcbc6b06cc/tumblr_mjtr7xldOT1r41223o1_500.gif - 48:15 - Salsa tempo. 52:50 - ENERGY. Female vocals, late 90s R&B flavaz (buttons). 60:10 - LOL (joy)!!!!!!!!!!!! Female vocals, "Only you can make me feel," birds n' chicks is pimpin' da' dance floor MELODY \\0// \\0//. https://i.giphy.com/media/3ofT5W46UTjEBRKmc0/giphy.webp - 66:45 - FLOWIN'. Female vocals, buzz-feels chords (Grab a Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew and see who hit the like button on my photos with the girls). 73:05 - Gospel. Female vocals, "Spread my wings and fly, fly away," uplifting stylez. 80:40 - Coda.... Female vocals, "People of the world," electro house piano with flashing lights synth.

- Down to the roots on this one headz. This vocal house ride has those feels similar to Hedkandi "Nu Cool JAZZFMCD9 (1998) - https://www.discogs.com/Various-Nu-Cool/release/261391 ," all us vets probably still have this in our collections. If you're antsy and want uncut energy (lounge & house) without today's (2019) modern sound, this will hit that spot. (1 hr 23 mins - RETRO Hedkandi FEELS!)