Montreal - Canada
DJ Earthquake / a.k.a. Agent Spy

I Started as a DJ in 1987, playing House Music, Acid House, Detroit Techno and other electronic dance sounds of the time.

In 1991-1992, music was becoming faster and harder. This is the time I discovered and bought my first harder tracks. Artists such as Damon Wild, Bald Terror, Euromasters, Cybersonik, Second Phase, Human Resource, Moby, LFO, CJ Bolland, Joey Beltram, Altern 8, T99, The Prodigy, Messiah, etc... those were the good old days.

The '90's were mainly hardcore, trancecore and speedcore for me. Industrial Strenght Rotterdam Records and PCP (Dance Ecstacy...) were my biggest influences. It was hard, it was fast, it was acid, it was psycho. At the time, my dj sets were going from 180 to 250 bpm and even 300 to 350 bpm !!!

In 1999 I went back to pure techno (Pounding Grooves, Umek, Hydraulix, Countdown 2000, etc...). I discovered French hard tech Crew later in 2000 - Bloc 46 and Kobayashi. In 2005-2006 I got into schranz.

Events played at : Krash, Napalm, Space Opera (weekly), F**K Off, Dataport (cd kickoff), Warfare (cd kickoff), No Way, Prophecy, Chameleon, Experience, You Will Die, 3D, Base, Genetic, Red, Hardcore Part 3, Mistic, Factory, La Nuit des Longs Couteaux, Rock The Underground, Fractal Surfer nights, Cycles, El Nino, Nebula, Isotope, We are Slaves (2001-2004), Anticipation, Hammadryade, Majick, Trick or Treat, LiQueen 6, Drop Out, Strat-O-Sphere, Funny house event ...

Been part of the Kamikaz Krew (1995-1998) and Stonedkrew (2000-2005).

Influenced by : techno, acid, house, hardcore, industrial and many derivated hard and dark sounds. Favorite DJ's / producers : Lenny Dee, Manu Le Malin, Jeff Mills, Al Ferox, The Horrorist, C-Tank, Cybersonik, Thomas P. Heckmann, Dave Clarke, DJ Rush, Carl Cox, Fernanda Martins, LFO, Robert de la Gauthier, Christian Pronovost, Miro, Marc Acardipane, Denard, Amelie Lens, Charlotte DeWitte, Peaky Pounder, Euromasters, Neil Landstrum, Neophyte, D.O.A., Rob Gee, Underground Resistance, N-Vitral, Promo, DJ Producer, Damon Wild, Woody McBride, Ace The Space, Bald Terror, Mutante, Indica, Catscan, Chris Liebing, Dave The Drummer, Desintegrator, Digital Boy, DJ Kraft, Dr. Macabre, Lunatic Asylum, Micropoint, Pounding Grooves, Radium, Thomas Krome, DX-13, Todd Terry, Fast Eddie, Human Resource, Insider, Jack Lucifer, Mescalinum United, Mike Dearborn, Moby, Mr. Fingers, Spy, T99, Temper Tantrum, Zenith and many more ;)

Releases : Nada (2003) - Demolition 5 (compilation), Step into the pit (2004) - Industrial records and Dataport and Warfare (many tracks on these two compilation)

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