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Goosebumps (Kippenvel), we all know it. It appears when we are cold or when we are intensely enjoying something. Dymka @ Kippenvel Groningen, Re-recorded

Genre: Progressive House (not EDM), melodic Techno and Deep House




1 Pilgrimage (Original Mix) by . Gregory Esayan
2 Offenbach (Original Mix) by . Dominik Eulberg
3 Before The Sunrise (Dixon Remix) by . Before The Sunrise
4 Owl's Nest (MiraculuM Remix) by . Following Light
5 Hollow Talk Hollow Talk (James Grant & Jody Wisternoff & Lane8 Remix) by . Choir Of Young Believers
6 Love Letters From Heaven (Silinder Remix) by . Psychowsky
7 Seize The Day (Original Mix) by . Rise and Fall
8 Blow (Original Mix) by . Marcelo Vasami
9 Mel (Original Mix) by . Martin Roth
10 Guide Line (feat. Renate) (Demarkus Lewis Rockit Lab Remix) by 0. Renate, Ivaylo & Slammer
11 Mathilda (Original Mix) by 1. Masterton
12 Encom (Original Mix) by 2. Dale Middleton
13 In Your Afterglow (Matter Remix) by 3. Andrez
14 Sumo (Original Mix) by 4. Kjeld Langeveld
15 The Very Next Day (Adriatique Remix) by 5. Flowers And Sea Creatures, Wrong Jeremy
16 Echoes From Outer Space (Danny Lloyd Remix) by 6. Nicolas Petracca
17 Limbus (Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile Remix II) by 7. Nadja Lind
18 They Made Me Do It (Original Mix) by 8. Chicola, Sahar Z
19 Arte (Nico Ferrero Remix) by 9. Exequiel Gomez
20 Turquoise (Guy J Remix) by 0. Circulation
21 Burkut (Starbeam Remix) by 1. Carpathian Paths
22 Montania (Progress Inn Remix) by 2. Fefo, Verve
23 Moog Funk (Original Mix) by 3. Yuriy From Russia
24 Alibi (Original Mix) by 4. Luis Junior


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