142 9 days ago
Following a 2 year break since the last in this series, I believe it should be worth the wait, this one is a real cracker, especially if you loved the 70's & 80's!!!

The "Relight my Fire" remix I had on this playlist at home for 2 years at-least, just waiting for the right sound to drop it! Now that's patience :-)

Fully enjoyed recording this one and similarly to that Santana drop on another mix recently, started playing "Air Guitar" and singing out loud for track number 16!

The majority of tracks are white label and mostly rare recordings that one could only find on vinyl. Don't think I ever found a digital version of any of these tracks, hence quite a special mix.

Decided to go for a festive season special therefore could incorporate songs which were more pop orientated but were superb back in the day ;-)

IF I had to pick a favourite I would go with "Joyride" as its just a great groove but in reality, love each and every one of these tracks!

Album cover decided to go with "Monero Chan" who is the mascot girl for the crypto Monero. Can half envisage the legend "John McAfee" himself enjoying this mix partying around in the old days, also of course a real Monero fan.

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1 Stand Up by x
2 Young Hearts Run Free by x
3 Baby In Love by x
4 I'm Coming Out by x
5 Get Down On It by x
6 Fresh by x
7 Disco Queen by x
8 Sensation of Love by x
9 Funky Town by x
10 Relight My Fire by x
11 Let's Go Round Again by x
12 Dancin' by x
13 Searchin' by x
14 D.I.S.C.O. by x
15 Joyride by x
16 I'm Gonna Run All Night by x
17 Opportunities by x
18 Invisible Touch by x
19 Teardrops by x
20 Spinn Me by x
21 The Look Of Love by x
22 Jump by x
23 Love Really Hurts Without You by x
24 Never Gonna Give You Up by x
25 You Came by x
26 Heaven Is A Place by x
27 Into The Groove by x
28 Higher & Higher by x
29 Died In Your Arms Tonight by x
30 Video Killed The Radio Star by x


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