Hamburg - Germany
Goawizzard formerly known as Dj * Mac* from Global Dance Inspiration and Psy-Dance-Global Records had since the early in the Nineties,dealt with all Styles of Electronic Music, he started with 14 years mixing electronic music styles and deliver some own charitable Events in Germany.The Style / Sound of the Goawizzard hangs up and is hard to describe, electronic music and quickly changed with parts of various Styles.Comparable to a visual artist who grapples with the rise of conceptual art, here beside the intellectual base system, several fundamental structural elements of electronic music in Goawizzard Dj’s Sets symbolic meaning.A technical term for his DJ Sets there is not and can not, for he is in constant development – so they can be most accurately grasp the concept of electronic dance music, because it sums up elements from different directions to a new one.He have worked some month for UDR Records (Australia)& Ananda Tribe Records (Germany)Goawizzard has shared the Stage with Artists such as:Atomic Pulse & Atomiculture (Israel), U-Recken (Israel), Digitech (Mexico), Imix Jaguar (Mexico), Kosmic Wizard (Guatemala), Chikchan (Belgium), Imox Maya (Guatemala-Ibiza), Prozac (Spain), Soundcontrol (Serbia), Generic (Serbia),SynSun(Ukraine) Alien Disco (Germany), Antagon (Germany), Dj Target (Germany), Atma (Austria),Dj Hathi (Germany) and some one more…ॐ DISCOGRAPHIE ॐ : ----------------------------------------------------------------------- NORDCORE THE BOX OVERDOSE COSMIC SPACE OVERDOSE THE SUMMER EVENT MUSIKCENTER PRESENTS DJ*MAC* IN THE MIX JOBPARADE 2000 GOA AFTERHOUR IN SCHWARZENBEK AFTERSPACE PROJECT 1 bis 4 GLOBAL DANCE INSPIRATION 1 DÜNE RAVE RAVE NATION INDIAPAINS DAY 1 GLOBAL PSY DANCE BENEFIZ PSYCHDELIC PILZTITS 1 OPENAIR KLANGFARBENSPEKTRUM 1 GLOBAL DANCE INSPIRATION 2 MIDIRADIO GREECE PSYCHEDELIC-RADIO UNIVERSAL TRIBES U.D RECORDS RELEASE PARTY UNIVERSAL SUNTRIBES - U-Recken Live ANANDA TRIBE RECORDS TRIBAL GATHERING WE ARE ONE II FESTIVAL - FORT GORGAST DANCE OF THE PLANETS - SCHWEDEN ॐ + other Events & Privat Partys ॐFor Booking Requests: psydg-records.webs.comFanpage where are you following

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