373 2 years ago
The first and third (!) volumes of Basement Beats I mixed w-a-a-y back in 2003/2004. Both were remixes of cassette compilations I'd done in the 1990s. For some reason I never did get around to recompiling the second volume in that set. So I figured I'd better catch up with the backlog (though, these are mainly tracks from the early 2000s, rather than from the 1990s). And there's some great tunes here which I wanted to hear again - a nice remix of Donna Allen's "He Is the Joy", plus tunes from Ultra Nate, Monkey Bars, Deep Swing and DJ Pierre. And I have enough left over for another volume.

(I'll upload Basement Beats vol 1 another time)


1 Come In My Arms (Smack mix) by Rick Harris
2 How Low Can You Go by Mindpower
3 Stand Tall (Deep Swing mix) by Dept of Soul
4 Disco Tales (Dirty Funk) by Milesart Orchestra
5 Freedom Part 2 (Funky Snippet) by Deepswing
6 Invisible (Club mix) by Monkey Brothers
7 Touch Me Tease Me (Full Intention mix) by 3SL
8 Rune (orig) by Calabria
9 Get Ya Buzz On (Classic Club mix) by DJ Pierre
10 Reach 4 the Melody (Boris D Vocal) by VWJ
11 Sun Shining (Kluster Uplifting vocal mix) by Testament
12 I Don't Understand It (Harlem Hustlers) by Ultra Nate
13 Shuggie Love (Clover Club mix) by Monkey Bars


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