Gauteng - South Africa
in the year 1999 he already started producing songs on Music 2000 a music production game on Playstation, in the year 2002 he and some school friends started a song writing hobby, inspired by the likes of Eminem, 50 cent, and Dr.Dre, writing 100's of lyrical songs, freestyles and raps, which Nightform later in time around 2003 to 2006 decided to record onto the beats of songs of his favorite artists for fun, with old pc and mic equipment he got from a charity shop in Melville, eventually in 2007 he got his hands on some proper music production software, but only towards the end of 2009 that he realized his dream, to really make proper tracks, Starting off with Hardstyle and Ending up with Dubstep and EDM, Making songs ranging from Hard Dance, Hard Trance, House, Hard House, Goa Trance, Hip Hop and Rap, Trip Hop, Trap, Speedcore, Hardcore, Tech Industrial, Deep House, Drum and Bass and finally Dubstep and Hardstyle, also within in his own songs creating Classic Orchestral Electronic Symphony's,

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djlorenzo Saturday, November 10, 2018

Hello...thanks for the downloading the mix 262 and for the comment appreciated..