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Portsmouth - United Kingdom
Tony H and DJ Fr33Dom met at work in 2009 and decided too have a mix, at the time they both played with vinyl and both completely differentt styles! Tony played Breakbeat and Fr33Dom played Oldskool styles ranging from Trance to Happy Hardcore fast forward to 2010 when Tony Bought some CDJ 2000's their styles completely changed! Tony started playing Prog House while Dom couldn't let go of the vinyl! In the End he had a go with some prog house and was blown away by it! fast forward again to 2011 and their respective styles have changed yet again!! they now play Psytrance, Trance and Prog House all in the same back 2 back sets, starting between 125bpm going all the way up to 140+bpm!!
We've started this joint DJ page to showcase our back 2 back mixes and hopefully make a name for little project. Roll on 2012 and enjoy the Music.

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TONY-D 14 January 2012

QUALITY MIXES TONY & DOM.Your mixes are the buisness