773 6 years ago
As a DJ you hopefully fuse the lot. Don't take things too easily and take a risk every now and then. A mix should always be  about bringing music together as do the many shelves of a record store. This mix is a tribute to the wonderful PAULS MUSIQUE store in Stuttgart and its owner Tobi Ettle. Music is culture. Music dealers participate in cultural work indeed, if they carefully select and try to be special, as it is the case with PAULS. I´m glad to form part of the crew.

Music is about connection, too. I was in search of some artists that create these connections. Coming from different genres such as Jazz, Techno, House, and Rock they ignore boundaries and conventions. Bringing these tracks, compositions and songs by Frank Tusa, Jeff Mills, Juju&Jordash, Reboot Joy Confession (with their fantastic debut on PHILPOT) and many others together hopefully shows the similarities between them and makes them shine. That would be nice. My great respect for their music.
Vincent plays in your club, your hotel room, your bedroom, your flat, outside in the nature and down in the basement.


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